I’m not sure, but Twitter may not be all we’ve cracked it up to be.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like Twitter. a lot. But based on the fact that I’m now following twice as many people as I did over the summer, and my little Tweetie retrieves new tweets about half as much (if that), I’m not sure what the future fate of Twitter may be.

– You can update pictures.
– It is compatible with endless “apps.”
– You can use it remotely/in several ways (phone, desktop, web).
– Celebrities jumped on the band wagon quickly, backed by the “twitter verified” accounts that let us know who’s real.
– Many corporations are using it to offer special “deals.”

– Celebrities quickly started using twitter primarily to promote their work, aka
Ashton Kutcher recent links to The Beautiful Life:
TBL on youtube (my boyfriend’s old band was featured in the most recent episode though, so I appreciate that).
– While corporations (United) are surprisingly using Twitter for good, such as updates on weather delays, or great flight deals for the holidays, smaller organizations (non profits) are using it to post information I didn’t care about in the first place.

SO. All of this is to say, that I think Twitter is going to need another angle in order to survive.

Today, in that vein, I did a google news search of Twitter to see what the recent news was. This was the first article that came up, and I laughed all the way to the blog.  The overlying topic is the fact that there have been numerous hacks into celebrity and citizen accounts, and that as a result, Twitter has expanded their list of unacceptable passwords. The list is quite extensive and quite surprising. My favorite part is when the author wonders about whether the list is an accurate representation of popular “easy” passwords, because how else would they ban a password such as “testing?”


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