Internship Post 1: my search so far.

My main interests in Arts Administration lie in festival management, so for my internship I am hoping to work for an indie rock music festival. As I started looking into larger festivals, such as Bonnaroo, I realized that they are sometimes owned by larger production companies, often based out of New York or LA. I am more interested in working and staying in the area where a festival is happening, and also it is important to me that the festival actually happen during my internship time, so that ruled out several festivals that happen in the spring or fall.
I am most interested in interning in the Portland and San Francisco areas, both because I am interested in gaining contacts in those areas, but also because they would be the easiest for me to live in for a short period of time, logistically.
I found a couple web sites that listed music festivals in those two areas, and have since broadened my search to include the New York area, and southern California, and have begun contacting specific festivals/production companies, because most of them do not have internship information available publicly

  1. awold said:

    Maybe not as far south as you’re interested in, but Seattle’s Bumbershoot is a fantastic festival held over Labor Day weekend…

    • alyssa fisher said:

      Amanda, thanks! I looked into Bumbershoot, but their internships are for spring and summer, and begin in March.

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