Internship Post 2: my ideal job (search)

As expected, I had a hard time finding any real job descriptions for the job I hope to one day hold: as the executive director of an indie rock festival. I ended up creating my own, knowing that jobs in this field are often sort of funny, creative, and very real about the amount of work, and often lack of real education, required.

I already knew that the are I need the most development in is simply contacts and experience in festival planning. I have a bit of experience in event planning, managing staff, and handling a budget. I also think that I need development in fundraising and sponsorship, which is an area I am actively seeking to gain experience in currently.

Because the job I seek is in the music business, I need to get my foot in the door through an internship, because, as I said, I’m not going to find many job ads for anything other than entry level positions; most everything is filled internally.


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