For the graphic design component to our courses, I have to take three classes that are titled Information Design. This week, our assignment is to find four advertisements that catch our attention, and reflect on them a bit.

Out of home ad-

Book Stairs, North Carolina

This ad hits on something that’s close to my heart, which is books and libraries. I love that (almost) anyone can go to the library and just borrow a book. While I admit that I do not have the best history of returning things every time, I am working on it. I particularly like the stairs example of this ad, because not only do most of us have books we are wiling to donate just lying around, sometimes they literally are underfoot, and just lying around. I also love out of home ads that are interactive or textile in some way.

Online ad-

BMW Short Films

These days, viral online marketing ads are not uncommon. To do them well, is a little less common, but to do them in 2001, it was almost unheard of. When I first think of online marketing campaigns, the series of 8 short films commissioned by BMW and made by 8 world-renowned directors comes to mind. The link says these were made in 2001, which I didn’t realize, though I knew they were a few years old. What I like about this campagin: the ingenuity of well-done viral marketing, the common thread of Clive Owen, the fact that these 8 shorts stand alone even without  BMW.

Print Ads-

Photo 25This Louis Vuitton ad, as was discussed in Business Week focuses on the supposed quality of their product, rather than the sexy girl carrying it. I like these ads because of their reference to classic works of art, which then relays itself to their bags as works of art. It’s a nice way to sell luxury.

Levis + Walt Whitman

I am a sucker for print ads with inspirational words. Those Ray Ban ads that say Never Hide- I love those, but I don’t know what they are about, really. These Levis ads combine Walt Whitman’s poems with inspiring images of their jeans, the original American jeans. It’s a very American ad, and that works for Levis.


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