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Nothing new to say, really.

Last week I contacted Twiin Productions/West Beach Music Festival in Santa Barbara. I left a message for them, and then emailed my resume materials. I am planning to try to call them again on Monday or Tuesday, because I sent the email to a generalized email address, so I want to make sure that they got it.

I also talked to my contact at the Santa Barbara Choral society, to let them know that I am still trying to set something up with West Beach as well as do an internship there.

After hearing back from the Pickathon festival last week, I responded to them but have not heard anything else. For a few days I wanted to put things with the Choral Society on hold to explore other options, but no one is getting back to me with any urgency, and I have a pretty busy spring term so I’d like to solidify something.

I am going to have the opportunity to go to Santa Barbara during spring break, so hopefully I will get to meet with both organizations.

Here is a link to my internship page. Since I do not have my internship solidified, it is still a work in progress. The words “internship resources” and “resume” are links to my diigo list for internship and a google doc .pdf of my resume.

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Last week, I did not have much to report, so I postponed my post.

But yesterday, I received responses from both the previously mentioned internship possibility at the Santa Barbara Choral Society, asking if I wanted to definitely move forward with the internship, as well as from the Pickathon Festival near Portland.

The Pickathon Fest was my #3 internship choice, after two larger national festivals, because it highlights mostly native Pacific Northwest bands, and is an example of a multi-day, green initiative festival. It is being held the first weekend in August this year. They wanted to know more about my internship goals and availability, as the initial note I sent them was just expressing my interest in their festival. I plan to respond to them over the weekend, and see where that leads, and try to hold off on moving forward with the Choral society until I see if the Pickathon fest is a viable option.

In terms of documentation, I plan to keep a log, probably not on my blog, but rather in a private document, of the projects I am completing, as well as appropriate photo documentation, and possibly video. Last summer I kept a good record of assignments and projects, and event process and reviews, which has been really helpful when writing my WLGs for this year.

here is my mid-term biographical video project.

music: Basic Space by The XX

video footage shot by me, featuring Jonathan Misarski, and the bands After the Sirens and Palaris.

A bit of excitement this week: I was offered an internship (through inside connections) at the Santa Barbara Choral Society for the summer, probably in the development department. I am still waiting for more information, but it could potentially be a good opportunity to design my own internship program, and work closely with a small organization to learn valuable skills. I’m mulling it over, so don’t get too excited 🙂

My updated work learning goals include:

  1. Developing my sponsorship and development skills, which is an aspect to arts administration that I have begun to explore through the film festival class this term, and have enjoyed so far.
  2. Programming of a long-term event. I have only ever worked for one-day events, so I am interested in learning how to recreate an event for many days, with slightly different content.
  3. Curation of a large-scale event. Though my work this year with the Willamette Valley Music Festival, I have learned a little bit about programming different types of events throughout one blanket happening. I would like to explore this more.

Updated professional statement: I believe that participation from citizens in local arts makes a stronger community, that it acts as an investment in our habitat. I hope to one day create events that bring people together in a way that creates belonging and celebrates creativity.


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