Monthly Archives: April 2010

This term is flying by!

We are already in midterms, and in just another week, I’ll be finishing up all of my extra-curricularĀ responsibilities, and getting ready to move to Santa Barbara for the summer.

You can view my mutltimedia midterm assignments here. And look for my personal eportfolio coming soon!


1. What is it?

2. What the designer intent/experience might have been

3. Brief statement about end user experience possibilities

4. Potential collaboration opportunities?

5. Application possibilities for arts?


  1. Multiple mediums used throughout a presentation/ throughout an end product. or one medium that utilizes/builds upon multiple mediums.
  2. Bringing a fresh perspective to an old medium or multiple mediums, moving technology forward by combining mediums to create a new one, or a new perspective.
  3. User could find a use for a medium otherwise useless to them; user could
  4. Multimedia can be, at a foundational level, a collaboration between technology giants…Apple Computer’s collaboration with AT&T to bring the world the iPhone for example.
  5. Multimedia in a creative sense should be something that arts are working towards. Often arts organizations are slow to adapt to new technologies, even if money is not a direct issue, and I think that as creative organizations, they should strive to be on the forefront of creative uses of mediums.


  1. Content that could be the same between mediums, even if it is presented differently. Similar to learning techniques, where information is presented in different ways to help students learn the same material.
  2. Dropping the same information across mediums to highlight them to make sure that users absorb the information.
  3. Users will come away with a few certain pieces of information ingrained.
  4. Large media conglomerates could diffuse bad press throughout mediums, therefore collaborating with themselves, across platforms.
  5. Advertising. Pushing an event through print, web site, social media.


  1. Emerging mediums.
  2. To create a new form of artistic and informational/educational expression.
  3. Users will find a new way to gain and share information.
  4. dsk
  5. As I said in multimedia, arts organizations should be on the forefront of new media emergence, as creative organizations.


  1. In a way, a combination of multimedia and intermedia. The ability or freedom to move easily between media. From a user point of view. For example, placing a link to a promo video on a web site, therefore getting a user to move between media to learn more information.
  2. To get users to make more clicks on your web site, to spend more time on your TV channel, to read more pages in your newspaper/magazine. To get users to spend more time with you and your media.
  3. Users will learn about and begin to identify with a brand.
  4. umm…
  5. See #2