Field Guide- Post 2

Introduction to the public art at the Eugene Public Library

When I first moved to Eugene, I spent quite a bit of time at the Eugene Library. My apartment is only a couple of blocks away, and because I did not have Internet access at first, I would go to the library to check my email, study, and, of course, read. Visits to the library were a common happening while I was growing up, and this library supports that habit very well. The library was finished in 2002, and has a commissioned art collection worth over $200,000.

The library’s art collection process was a common one in Eugene: a committee was formed, community meetings were planned, and a call for artists was released. About sixty artists submitted proposals for art, and seven were chosen. Each project contributes to the idea that the library is a literary haven, a multi-generational gathering place, a reincarnation of a historical structure, a place to expand the mind and imagination, and a collection of the community.

-The section on the Eugene Library will focus on each of the seven commissioned artists projects, with visual representation.


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