Art and Society: Course Objectives Analysis

AAD 550 – ART IN SOCIETY (Blandy and Fenn)

Course objectives:

  1. The way art has influenced society/culture through time.
  2. The way technology has influenced art to influence society/culture through time.
  3. Use my findings to influence my professional statement.
  4. Find out the ways that our findings influence my colleague’s professional statements/goals.

Post- Course analysis:

  1. The focus of the course was more of how society/culture has influence art, and it was more about the last 50 years or so. I would have appreciated a bit of a more historical overview at the beginning of the term, but the focus of the course was more topical, so the history that we gained from the resources in the course were contextual and helpful.
  2. We definitely talked about this a lot. Again, not from so much of a historical/timeline orientation, but in more casual discussion, and as a foundation to the discussions about current and future affects of technology on art and society. I really appreciated and was engaged by our discussions about the future of media, art, and society.
  3. I don’t know that this course has altered the way that I view my professional statement, but I do think that it’s possible that it will frame actions in my professional career.
  4. I would say that this course has probably changed some of my colleague’s professional outlooks. The topics that we discussed through our modules are very relevant, and potentially eye-opening.

While it doesn’t seem that I’ve met some of my course objectives, I am not a big fan of the pre-course objective statements. In most cases, I would rather be open to what my professors want to share with me than what I am looking to get out of the course, since I am the less educated person in the course topic.

Overall, I feel that this course instigated interesting beginning discussion on the topic of art and society.


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