Edible Invitation

Being a good intern, I scored my parents a seat at the dinner I am helping organize for my internship this weekend.

The event is a small, 60-person dinner, held at a local, private, farm. It is being sponsored by a local market that basically acts as a (semi-fancy) farmers market that is open seven days a week, and all the food and wine (and even some of the liquor!) will be locally provided, and prepared by an up and coming caterer.

I am really looking forward to this event, mostly because I don’t have to do much for it, besides work the day-of. The sponsors and hosts are handling everything, and basically just giving the money to the SCA (great!). But I am also looking forward to it, because today, I was given this basket to give to my parents as a “thank you” for planning to come. I would say it’s a good indication of a great event to come on Saturday…



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