Farm to Table

On Saturday, one of the events that I’ve been helping coordinate came together in a barn in Fennville, Michigan.

The Farm to Table event was a dinner held at a donor’s homestead, sponsored by a local market, and organized by SCA board members. The dinner, in comparison to the 500+ person event I worked in July, was quite intimate at 60 people. We started with cocktail hour in the meadow, under a tent.

Then we moved into the barn for a four course meal featuring local food and wine (everything was from within a 30 mile radius) including salad, corn, porkchops, steak, chicken, and cherry, apple and blueberry pie.

Each guest went home with a “six pack for the road”- a six pack holder filled with ears of corn. It was a seriously beautiful evening.

[click on images for a slightly bigger version]


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