Week 1: Marketing the Arts Logbook

This term, I am taking my final required course in Arts Administration: Marketing the Arts. Each week, we are to make a logbook entries that include: marketing examples from an assigned source, an update on the marketing plan that we are working on throughout the term, and any other course-related notes or thoughts.

Newspaper/Magazine ads

Both of these ads were found in the April issue of Nylon Magazine. I think they are interesting because they both feature strong, bright images with several short statements or single words to briefly describe what the customer will get for purchasing this item. The iPad 2 ad is specifically interesting to me, because I feel that Apple usually sticks to one idea on their ads, and this ad makes several statements, assumingly about changes from the first iPad.

The Nylon ad is engaging through color and simple statements of what the magazine is about- although I do think it’s interesting that “culture” is different, apparently, from style, music, and fashion.

Marketing plan/Logbook entry

Product: Saguatuck Center for the Arts

A community arts center in a small arts town with a large summer tourism industry, and very small year-round population. Currently in talks to absorb local theater company who has, in the past, rented their theater for performances during the summer season. Other products include adult and youth classes, farmers market, small gallery, musical performances.

Ideas for marketing paper: using twitter as mktg, using groupon/living social as entry-level to product (giving deals to attract new customers). Is/What if @bronxzooscobra actually a mktg ploy by the zoo? is it creating a character, like mickey mouse (more devious), that people want to go see?


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