Week 2: Marketing the Arts Logbook

Mailers and Handbills:

This handbill is for the new University Theater production. I think it is eye-catching, but somewhat confusing. The orientation and inverse type color make it difficult to read or hang- I have seen some hung sideways, when poster-size. The backside is also blank, which was cheaper for printing, but seems to be a waste of space on a handbill.

This handbill is for the UO webapp. I think this is funny, because it is a printed page for something that is on the Internet. I also think it is weird that the handbill doesn’t have a QR code so that smartphones can easily access the web app- students have to type in the address to their web browser. I do like that the handbill has information on what is on the web app, and I think the information and design are smart- it shows that a variety of information is available on multiple platforms (both iPhone and android).

Marketing Plan: Part 1

Saugatuck Center for the Arts

Mission: The Saugatuck Center for the Arts’ mission is two-fold: 1) to provide and expand opportunities for distinctive, high quality arts and cultural experiences children and adults in the lakeshore community; and 2) to energize the economy of Saugatuck/Douglas and the lakeshore region. We accomplish this through educational programming (i.e. classes and workshops), exhibitions, performances and film, and special events like the Saugatuck/Douglas Greenmarket.

Long Range Goals: Increase brand as cultural organization, not just community theater and classes.

Immediate Objectives: Increase brand of yearly cultural festival.

Marketing goals and objectives: Create and cultivate audience interest in 2012 cultural festival for Argentina, while establishing the SCA as a brand for culture beyond local Michigan arts culture.


Current consumer: The SCA’s current consumer is 35+, and a summer tourist in Saugatuck, MI. Saugatuck attracts around 10,000 tourists every weekend, some of whom own second homes in the area, and some who stay in local rented cabins or bed and breakfasts. They come to Saugatuck because of its lakeshore location, commitment to the arts, and local shopping and eateries.

Missing consumers: The SCA is missing the 18-24 year old consumer.

Direct competitors: There are few direct competitors to the SCA, because it is the only community arts organization in Saugatuck-Douglas. The local artist residence colony, Ox-Bow, could be seen as a competitor because it hosts monthly open studio events, and a fundraiser benefit in the summer just a couple of weeks after the SCA’s benefit. Both organization rely on some of the same families as major donors, and rely on the same tourism to keep the finances of their organization successful. The SCA is unique because it serves the tourists and the larger community. Ox-Bow only operates during the summer, but the SCA has programming for all ages year-round. The SCA also acts as a partner to many arts organizations in the greater area, including the Waterfront Film Festival, and gains larger awareness through these partnerships. The SCA’s central location in downtown Saugatuck places it right in front of visitors to the area, and they have bi-weekly farmers markets which draw in more casual passersby.


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