Week 4: Marketing the Arts Logbook

Radio Commercial and Public Service Announcements:

While I was listening to NPR on the Internet today, this picture popped up, and I heard the following:

“Support for NPR comes from Pabst Brewing, supporting live music and local artists nation-wide, and proud support of NPR music, at PabstBlueRibbon.com.”

I was fascinated that PBR was advertising to its admittedly hipster audience through a popular music source of mine, NPR’s First Listen.  I’ve been at many for-profit music venues and festivals where beer is a sponsor, but never in a setting like my cubicle in the library while listening to a site like NPR. It worked. I’m gonna go home and drink a PBR.

**a twitter friend informed me that until 2010, Pabst Brewing was owned as part of a non-profit…interesting!

Logbook entry:

List organizational and product stakeholders:

Outline and prioritize target markets that you will address in your plan: The cultural festival is mostly aimed at children/families along western Michigan. It has a variety of programming for school groups, which will be targeted as the SCA tries to broaden its field trip scope every year. There is also weekday programming for families, and some integration of adult classes on weekday evenings.

Marketing Plan Part III: Marketing Objectives and Detail of Marketing Strategies: What strategies do you plan to implement in order to meet your objectives? What are the specific actions comprise strategies? How are you measuring the results of the actions/strategies taken?

  • As I discussed in my risks section last week, the advertising plan is to create visually engaging and vibrant ads for the cultural festival for Argentina that make the study country relatable. The Executive Director is also concerned about the existing knowledge of Argentina, beyond wine and soccer (which I think is a good start!), so the ads may also act as teaser facts about the country.
  • For school groups, we might make this series of ads into flash card/trading card type things and send them to the target age teachers.
  • To combat winter-weather concerns, we will use social media such as Twitter and Facebook to keep the consumer informed about weather as the dates of events approach.
  • We will also create an easily read and complete calendar of events, because the festival stretches over a month-long time period.
  • A goal is also to relate the marketing and advertising for the festival back to larger institutional marketing for the SCA. I plan to come up with a temporary tagline for the SCA to use during this marketing time that portrays the organization as a multi-cultural organization, rather than the traditional arts focus it is known for.
  • We will measure results through attendance and interest sparked in the events.

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