Week 5: Marketing the Arts Logbook

TV Commercials:

Van Goghgurt

I really don’t like these commercials. The description on the video says “We are very excited about our current television ads as well, which are part of the latest phase of “The Arts. Ask For More” PSA campaign! Created in partnership with the NAMM Foundation and the Ad Council, the advertising agency Leo Burnett has produced these incredibly informative and entertaining tongue-in-cheek commercials. By creating spoofs of “healthy arts food products” like “Raisin Brahms,” featuring the composer Johannes Brahms, and “Van Goghgurt,” featuring the artist Vincent van Gogh, parents are encouraged to make sure their kids are getting their daily serving of the arts.”

I like that the commercials are a little absurd, but I really don’t think that they advocate for the arts in the way that they want to…In comparing arts to food instead of other leisure activities or curriculum, I think they lose audience members who won’t really make the connections- I think they are too obscure.


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