Week 6: Marketing the Arts Logbook


Willamette Valley Music Festival Poster campaign

I work for an on campus music festival, which happened last Saturday, May 7. This year in our poster campaign, we had one main poster and four “limited edition” posters that showcased our headliners. The limited edition posters were something that actually the musicians told us they were really excited about, and one of them asked for his. The main poster was 6 color, and was the first time we used a QR code on anything for the festival. I’m not sure if anyone used them, but I think it was on trend.

Logbook: List considerations for pricing your product. Consider promotional activity and discounts. When, where, and how will these be implemented? List or describe possible in-kind and partnering organizations that will assist with resource development.

The cultural festival with the SCA has varied per-event pricing. Because the event stretches out over an entire month, and the variance in audience targeting for events, there is no overarching festival pass. The SCA does offer free events, such as topical lectures, to draw in audiences, and then once they have gained interest, they push larger ticketed events, such as musical performances. The SCA does usually get grant funding for this event, and is therefore able to have the lecture series for free. They also offer a small business sponsorship package for individual ticketed events during the festival, which offsets overall costs and keeps total ticket prices down.

Market Plan

IV. Implementation
Time Line of Events: The event is in the month of April, so we will begin marketing promo materials in January to schools, March 1 with the poster campaign and a blurb on the website,  March 15 and the week of events will have print ads in local newspapers, social media marketing with increase over the month leading up to the events, with social media blasts on day before and day of events.
Resources: printed materials, ad and poster design, social media manager, funds to print posters and run ads.
Personnel: social media manager, graphic designer, liaison to schools. Everything will be done in-house.

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