Week 7: Marketing the Arts Logbook

Web and electronic mediums: I’d like to talk about transition in electronic medium. Through Facebook’s many evolutions of profiles, groups, places, and pages, organizations who are trying to establish a presence on the social networking site have a lot to keep up with. While Facebook is continually creating new ways for these organizations to interact with audiences, every time a new interface is launched, organizations must go through a decision process. The first step is to decide whether the organization wants to move into the new option. The current way of engaging with audiences might be working well, or it might be too confusing to adapt to the new technologies. If the organization decides to move forward with the new marketing opportunity, often they must populate a new page, and inevitably, they will lose followers, because making a transition like that takes initiative on the part of audience members, and no matter how great the communication is from the organization. The example here is the Main Street Market. Shortly after a renovation and rebranding, including a new name (formerly called New Meadows Market), Facebook rolled out the pages option, as a more interactive marketing tool for organizations in comparison to the group function. After going through so much transition recently, switching from a group to a page took a toll on it’s following. This can be a huge downfall in social media marketing, and why it is important to maintain ownership over your own websites and email lists, so that publicity does not have to pause when transitions occur on third party sites.

Logbook: Describe audience development programs that would integrate into your plan including permission marketing and customer escalation methods.

Marketing Plan Part V:

Method to assess measurable results: Seats filled/tickets sold. We will also be evaluating diversity of audiences, especially new target audiences.
Evaluation of specific marketing actions: Evaluate the interactivity of social media marketing pieces with audiences (Facebook, Twitter).
Assessment of marketing objectives and strategies: Evaluation based on ticket sale receipts, and survey information from event supervisors.

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