Week 8 Marketing the Arts Logbook

Signs, Billboards, and Banners: I am a big fan of billboards that do more than a poster. Interacting with the environment, or adding a 3-dimensional element, is really going to grab the attention of passers-by (whether that’s a safe thing or not…). Digital billboards were very popular a few years ago, but I think they required too much maintenance and were too unpredictable. These billboards with something extra build off of their products- Levis 501 button down jeans, and a paint that is strong enough to cover a car. These billboards work because they make audiences take a double-look.

Logbook: How will you use marketing and the strategies explored in this course with your career as an artist or arts administrator?  I plan to continue to plan events and market them- so the marketing skills and strategies we have discussed in this class will be of great use to me. I especially appreciated the guest speakers and the real-world insight they had to offer. Last week’s consultant who was talking about strategies to make venues feel and look full was extremely interesting and creative and helpful.


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