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A post is coming regarding this project/video:

But I’m so stoked on it right now that I cannot even form coherent thoughts about it… I just have a jumble of word notes. So hold tight, and enjoy the twelve-plus minutes of community content.


“Over time, at least in theory, that repeat recognition of the company outside of those moments when the patron is not directly buying a ticket leads to more relative value being placed on your organization when the time comes to buy.”

-From the quick overview of “The Tangled Web: Social Media in the Arts,”written by Clayton Lord

At the beginning of this year, Theater Bay Area commissioned a project: to study and evaluate the way that over 200 nonprofit organizations are using social media. The resulting 30 page report- available through the Theater Bay Area website- is an overview of the products being used, with what frequency, and how it is received by the audiences.

My reading of the report confirms a few key points that I have pushed over the last coupleof years when it comes to social media and the arts. If you are interested in reading more of my thoughts, please see a paper I wrote on using Twitter as a marketing tool for a class this spring, here. Among the main ideas are that unique content is a must for successful social media management, consistent updating and engagement is required, and, as quoted above, social media is most successful as a brand marketing tool rather than a ticket selling device.

The report also has some really simple and engaging infographics- and this is coming from someone who finds infographics pretty useless most of the time.

One final note- two of my three case studies from my master’s research (Treasure Island Music Festival and SXSW) were included in this study!