For Arts Orgs and Social Media, Depth is What Matters.

“Over time, at least in theory, that repeat recognition of the company outside of those moments when the patron is not directly buying a ticket leads to more relative value being placed on your organization when the time comes to buy.”

-From the quick overview of “The Tangled Web: Social Media in the Arts,”written by Clayton Lord

At the beginning of this year, Theater Bay Area commissioned a project: to study and evaluate the way that over 200 nonprofit organizations are using social media. The resulting 30 page report- available through the Theater Bay Area website- is an overview of the products being used, with what frequency, and how it is received by the audiences.

My reading of the report confirms a few key points that I have pushed over the last coupleof years when it comes to social media and the arts. If you are interested in reading more of my thoughts, please see a paper I wrote on using Twitter as a marketing tool for a class this spring, here. Among the main ideas are that unique content is a must for successful social media management, consistent updating and engagement is required, and, as quoted above, social media is most successful as a brand marketing tool rather than a ticket selling device.

The report also has some really simple and engaging infographics- and this is coming from someone who finds infographics pretty useless most of the time.

One final note- two of my three case studies from my master’s research (Treasure Island Music Festival and SXSW) were included in this study!


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