In the Spring of 2010, I took a course entitled Arts Learning Policy, which discussed the cultural policy of arts learning for all ages in the United States. Below is some documentation from that course, including links to my midterm and final papers, and course reflection.

MIDTERM reflection and artifact-

Here is a link to my midterm: an analysis of the Kennedy Center’s arts in education program called Any Given Child.

This assignment gave me the opportunity to synthesize the course readings and discussions through an analysis of a real-world program. I was able to line up the program’s goals, process, actions and outcomes with the ‘best practices’ that we identified so far in the course.

What I particularly liked about the Kennedy Center’s program is that it is a model program, that is being rolled out all over the country as a way to change the implementation of arts in primary school education. Through this course, one of the main points I took away is that the way that arts works through schools now is certainly unequal and at best, a bit unpredictable from year to year, school to school. The Kennedy Center’s Any Given Child program is working to ensure that every child grows up with an arts education alongside a math, english, history education.

FINAL reflection and artifact-

Here is a link to my final: a group project in which we created an out of school theatre arts education program called Puck’s Playhouse.

After discussing best practices through course readings and discussions, and analysis of a program through our midterm project, we were given the chance to put all that we’ve learned into practice through the creation of a new, fictional program.

Our group chose to focus on an out of school  theatre arts program, that would also offer opportunities for life-long learning. The process of creating this program exemplified just how much we learned in the last ten weeks- we were able to naturally and methodically establish the goals, structure and timeline of Puck’s Playhouse, and back it up with industry research.

COURSE reflection:

Course objectives:

  1. To learn about the history of arts learning practice and policy.
  2. To build my own statement about personal practice and policy of arts learning in my professional career.
  3. To put that statement into practice by developing a creative arts learning program.

The main idea that I will take away from this course is that the process of arts education needs some remodeling. Especially in the arts in education sector, schools are no longer able to support the arts by themselves. The model of arts as another subject in school is not supported either- arts is moving towards an integration model, where arts is used as a tool in all subjects- as it can be used in life.

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